NextGel Polymeric Sand

HP NextGel High Performance Polymeric Sand is now available in Louisiana through us!
HP NextGel High Performance Polymeric Sand is the hardscape industry’s leading jointing sand. 

It can be used to install concrete or clay pavers, natural stone and porcelain tiles. 
It is specifically made for high-humidity areas like the Louisiana and the Southeast and provide for a 40% faster installation. 
No dust. No haze. No mess. 
Call CD Enterprise Products Co. today to learn more about using this amazing product for your next project. 

Techniseal® HP NextGel™ Jointing sand is a state-of-the-art mix of graded sand (ASTM-C144) and binder that flows smoothly down joints for a fast and effective installation of pavers or slabs with false, narrow or wide joints. It is also recommended for surfaces exposed to heavy traffic, and for high-humidity areas. Easy to use, NextGel™ Jointing sand starts to set only a few minutes after being activated with water, and quickly becomes resistant to water erosion (rain, splashes, sprinklers, etc.). NextGel™ Jointing sand offers great resistance to weed growth, insect invasion, and erosion. Techniseal® HP NextGel™ Jointing sand has been manufactured with a revolutionary technology called NextGel™. NextGel™ radically transforms and improves the properties and behavior of jointing sand, resulting in the first ever true “no dust†”, “no haze” and “no waste” jointing sand for a fast, clean, durable and profitable installation.  NextGel™ contains no dust from additives. The dust that can be found is of natural source and comes exclusively from the sand. This is especially true with gray sand which is made from crushed sub-angular aggregates. Minimum joint width: 1/16” Maximum joint width: 4” Minimum joint depth: 1.5”*

***Our urban grey and tan color polymeric sands go great with our architectural-style commercial thin pavers.  Take a look here.


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